VCAM – Unreal Engine

If you don’t already have a C++ class in your project, please create an empty C++ class.

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Navigate to Tools->New C++ Class…
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Create an empty C++ Class

Right-click on the .uproject file and select ‘Generate Visual Studio project files.’ If you don’t have Visual Studio installed, I recommend installing Visual Studio Community 2019 or a newer version.

In your project’s root directory Generate Visual Studio project files

Add a ‘Plugins’ folder to the root directory of your project, and then migrate ‘unreal/PeelVCam’ into the ‘Plugins’ folder.

Add Plugins folder in root directory

Open and run the .sln file from Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Community 2022 – Start Without Debugging

From Content Browser-> Plugins->PeelVCam Content drag and drop VCAM_bp into your scene.

UE5.0.3 – drag and drop VCAM_bp into level

In the Details Window of the VCAM blueprint, you will find two fields: Live Link Subject and Stabilization.

  • Live Link Subject: This field is where you select the Motion Capture source that drives local transformations.
  • Stabilization: In this field, you can adjust the camera’s interpolation between movements. Lower values result in more stabilization, while higher values result in less stabilization.
Details panel of the VCAM blueprint