PeelCapture – Website

After a shoot has finished, you can upload the video reference, mocap data and other files to the PeelCapture website. The site will list the mocap sessions and the takes for each session. Video files from the shoot can be reviewed and start/end timecode ranges can be selected from the reference and used to create an “order”.

The website is available for beta testing. Please contact support at peeldev dot com for access.


Click on the “Register” link at the top right of the homepage. Enter your name, email and new password. An email will be sent do the email address to confirm registration.

After clicking on the link in the email, you will be asked to log in again.

When logging in the first time you should see this page:

If you are the first user for your organization to log in, click “Create new company” to create a new company. Companies can have users, manage online storage, billing and create projects, shoots and takes.

If someone else has created a “company” on the site for your organization, do not create a new one, but have them link you to the company they have created.

Enter the name of the new company if you need to create one.

When you get to this page, click “Skip”. The storage pricing is has not yet been finalized.

Site Navigation

The site navigation is as follows:

1 – Logo – Links to hompage
2 – Projects Menu – click to see all projects, use dropdown to select a project
3 – Orders Menu – click so see all orders, use dropdown to select an order
4 – Downloads – Links to download page
5 – Company Page – Edit Users, Billing, etc
6 – User Page – Change Password, etc
7 – Logout from the website


The homepage shows current projects and Orders.

PeelCapture Website Homepage

Projects Index

The project index page shows current projects (linked to your company) and projects that have been shared with you (from other companies)

Click the “+” icon at the bottom to create a new project.

Adding data to the site

Once you have a company and project set up, now would be a good time to switch to peel capture to generate some data for the website.

If you do not already have it installed, click on Downloads in the navigation bar and select “PeelCapture” to download the installer.

In the PeelCapture file menu, select “Settings” and select the “PeelCapture” tab:

Enter the following information:
Email / Password – The email address and password you used to log in to the website. After entering the password, click anywhere outside the password field to log in and populate the dropdowns.
Company – select your company from the list.
Project – Select the project you are working in, or select “–add–” to create a new project.
Shoot Name – Leave this blank
Root Directory – A folder on your computer or local network for where files should be saved, e.g. “D:\MOCAP”
Append Company / Project – Add the company name and project to the root directory for saving data, e.g. D:\MOCAP\Peeldev\Project1″. You may want to use the company field in the path for cases where other companies will be sending you data or you are working with multiple clients who have the own accounts on the site.
Convert Space to Underscores – If you have a space in an of the fields (company name, project etc), convert the space to an underscore. It is a good idea to leave this on.

Click Okay to close the dialog.

Now choose “New Shoot” from the File dialog to create a new shoot:

New Shoot Dialog

The default name for a shoot is the current date. You can change it to whatever you would like the shoot name to be.

The other fields are copied from the settings (see above) and usually do not need to be changed. The directory where the shoot will be created is shown at the bottom.

Click okay to create the new shoot.

In the devices panel, click the “+” icon to create a new device:

Add Device

The “epic-iphone”, KiPro and hyperdeck devices are also good for testing how the website works as these devices support collecting files (“harvest”) and produce video files with timecode.

More information about setting up this device can be found here.

Record some takes using the device.

After you have some recordings done, select the menu: “Publish” -> “Collect Files” to copy the files from the device.

Peel Capture Harvest Tool

The files will be copied to a folder in the shoot directory, named the same as the device. To browse to this directory use the “File” -> “Browse Data” menu.

To upload to the website, choose “Publish” -> “PeelCapture”

You should get a prompt to create the new shoot day:

New Shoot Day Dialog

Click Okay to create the shoot day on the website.

The upload tool is used to upload data to the online storage and to download files from storage.

UPLOAD – Shows how much data is stored locally that is not in the cloud
DOWNLOAD – Shows how much data is in the cloud that does not exist locally
CONFLICTED – Shows how much data exists in the cloud and locally that is different
ALL – Shows the total of all files, both locally and in the cloud.

The fields for Company, Project and Shoot should all be set and the shoot directory should already be found. The dropdowns can be changed if you want to switch to a different project.

Click “Upload” to send data to the website, or “Download” to get data from the website..

When uploading, if you see this popup:

Add takes dialog

Click “Yes” to add the take entries on the website. This will populate the website with the takes. It is a good idea to say yes when uploading the first time, but no if adding more data later.

Now if you switch back to the website and select this shoot, you should see the takes listed:

If you click on one of the takes you should see the detailed view for the takes:

The left panel shows the metadata for the take and the files that have been uploaded.

The right panel is a video player that allows selecting ranges.

1 – The time slider can be used to change the current frame
2 – The transport controls can be used to start and stop playback or step frames
3 – The current frame and timecode are shown at the bottom left
4 – Press “{ in” or “out }” to mark an in or out frame for a range that needs to be processed. Press “+” to save that range to an “order”.

The create range popup appears after pressing “+” under the video player:

Create Range Popup dialog

This dialog can be used to enter a new range to an order. If no orders exists create a new one using the dropdown.

The Notes, Priority and Subjects fields are text fields which can be used to pass information that be needed to help process the range.

Click “Save” to add the range to the order.

Click “Orders” at the top of the page to view all orders.

Click on an order to view the ranges associated with that order.

Click “Submit” to submit the order. After submitting it the order cannot be edited and new ranges cannot be added to it.