Peel Capture – Device: Qualisys (QTM)

QTM Setup

1. To enable Remote Control from Peel Capture, open up QTM.

2. Open the Project Options.

3. Navigate to Processing ->Real-Time Output.

4. Enable the Allow client control checkbox, as shown below.

Project Options -> Processing-> Real-Time Output -> Client Control

5. Enter a password in the Password field.

Peel Capture Setup

1. Add Qualisys as a device in Peel Capture. The below window will be displayed when you start to add Qualisys. When the settings are correct, click .

Name: Name of Qualisys in Peel Capture devices panel.

Address: The IP address of the machine running QTM.

Password: The same password that you set in QTM steps above.

Peel Capture will now be able to start/stop and name measurements in QTM.

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