PeelCapture – JSON file format

This document outlines the structure of the json file that peel capture loads and saves. This data may be use for other automation applications, or a new file can be created for uploading. The file is saved when any modifications are made in the the interface.

takeNameThe name of the take, must be unique within a shoot day. Used as a key to find linked files.
takeThe integer number of the take
notesuser supplied notes
descriptionuser supplied description
starttimecode start
endtimecode end
start_altsecondary timecode start
end_altsecondary timecode end
subjectssubjects name (usually provided by the mocap system)
selectselect status (string)
marksTimecode marks (list with “name” and “timecode” dictionaries)
infoinformation string provided from the devices.
    "takes": [
            "description": "This is a test, can you hear me?",
            "end": "12:47:45:19",
            "end_alt": "",
            "info": "",
            "marks": [
                    "name": "in",
                    "timecode": "12:47:40:27"
                    "name": "",
                    "timecode": "12:47:43:00"
                    "name": "out",
                    "timecode": "12:47:44:11"
            "notes": "Just testing.",
            "select": "A",
            "start": "12:47:37:28",
            "start_alt": "",
            "subjects": [
            "take": 1,
            "takeName": "TEST123_01"

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