Open 3D Stream – Building

This document outlines the steps to build the Open 3D Stream from source.

Required Prerequisites:

Optional Prerequisites:

Building (Windows)

  1. Check out the code:
    git clone
  2. switch to brand dev-al:
    cd Open3DStream
    git checkout dev-al
  3. Build the third party libraries (this will take a while):
    cd third_party
  4. Build Open3DStream:
    cd ..


Run the FBX Streamer to stream data

build_debug\apps\FbxStream\FbxStream.exe test_data\beta_anim.fbx pub tcp://


If the fbx streamer doesn’t build, check the version and path of the sdk. See apps/FbxStream/CMakeLists.txt:

set(fbxroot "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/FBX/FBX SDK/2020.0.1")