PeelCapture – Device: OBS

9/20/2022 – The latest version of OBS is not currently supported as it does not allow for remotely naming the files. Use Version 27 and the older version of the websocket plugin.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

  1. Download and install OBS websocket (4.9.1 or later, not the beta 5.x) from this link:

OBS websocket Releases

OBS websocket 4.9.1 Installer

2. Add OBS as a device in Peel Capture. The below window will be displayed when you start to add OBS. When the settings are correct, click .

Name: Name of OBS device in Peel Capture devices panel.

Address: Copy IP address from Settings → Advanced → Network → Bind to IP in OBS.

Port and Password: Use port and password that was selected during the web socket install.

Note: If the port and password needs to be changed in the future, it is accessible via Tools → WebSockets Server Settings in OBS

OBS will now record and set the recording file name when recording with Peel Capture.

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