PeelCapture – Device: MotionBuilder

Instructions for PeelCapture Version 1.10 and above.

Install the Peel Capture Motion Builder Device Plugin

In the PeelCapture installation folder, copy the following files:


to the MotionBuilder plugin folder, e.g.:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MotionBuilder 20xx\bin\x64\plugins

Where 20xx is the version of motion builder you are using.

Launch Motion Builder

Drag the Peel Capture Device in to the 3D Viewport

Adding a PeelCapture device to the scene

Change the device port if needed, or use the default value of 8833:

Setting the PeelCapture device settings

Click the device to be “online”.

Turning the PeelCapture device on

Add the device to PeelCapture

In PeelCapture, add a “mobu-device” (not the device marked “mobu”, it does not work with recent version of Motion Builder):

Adding a the MotionBuilder device in PeelCapture

Set the Address to being the IP Address of the pc running MotionBuilder, or use if PeelCapture and MotionBuilder are runnig on the same PC.

Set the port to match the value used in Motion Builder.

Motion builder should now start and stop recording with PeelCapture and name the takes.

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